Marcelo Rodrigo

Clinical Psychologist with a background in Psychotherapy (SSSPC / Roma), holds a PhD in Educational Sciences (UPS / Roma).

In psychotherapy, Marcelo follows an integrative approach, grounded in Transactional Analysis. He is a member of EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis).

His first professional experiences as a Mental Health Practitioner, took place in Rome within Social Cooperatives, providing home services, in Reception Houses, Therapeutic Communities and Day Centers.

In 2012, he started his psychotherapist practice in Rome, which is continuing now in Lisbon.

He combined the aforementioned work of Mental Health Practitioner and Psychotherapist with other activities: teaching as a Guest Lecturer at UPS (Rome), having addressed, among various subjects, malaise in the context of current modernity; training for students and teachers in educational institutions (Rome and Lisbon); participation in research projects (UPWEB / Lisbon) and social inclusion (ESAO / São Vicente de Cabo-Verde and Salesianos de Manique / Alcabideche).

Emphasizes, in contextual reading, the importance of Psychotherapy as a tool for training and empowerment.