6th November 2021

ISPA – Instituto Universitário
GMT Timezone

Welcome Address

José Romão de Sousa and João G. Pereira

Opening Ceremony

Rights-Based Mental Health Care

Dainius Pūras, Clinic of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

Panel Discussion 1

Chair – Dora Pereira, Universidade da Madeira

Valeria Bizzari – Diagnosis and meaning-making. An epistemological problem

Sara Pinto and Alzira Silva  – “It takes a village to raise a child” – When context and biology hinder the joy of motherhood

Coffee Break
Keynote presentation

The family therapist in dialogue: inner and outer conversations

Peter Rober, Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium
Panel Discussion 2

ChairVictor Amorim Rodrigues, ISPA – Instituto Universitário

Francesca Brencio – What is a description in mental health sciences? Epistemological considerations

Josefa Ros Velasco – Stories and facts about boredom in older adults

Keynote presentation

Empathy is a Blockbuster Drug!

Jeremy Howick, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, England
Cultural Activities

Reading Poetry – Paula Cortes, Psychologist and Poet

Mental Disorders in Film (presentation of an upcoming Short Movie) – Teresa Beirão, Writer and Director

Panel Discussion 3

Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos, Beatriz Freitas and João Oliveira – Empathy and its impact in social and behavioral dimensions

Ana Florence – Families experiences of Open Dialogue in Vermont, USA

Reflections on the Day

Peter Rober, Jeremy Howick, João G. Pereira and Marcelo Rodrigo


Provisional Program


A11 – COVID-19 associated psychosis: from context to neurobiology
Sara Pinto and Alzira Silva
A12 – Characteristics of the Therapeutic Alliance in the Treatment of Mood Symptoms in University Students in a Cognitive Behavioral Approach: A case-clinical study
Regina de Cássia Rondina, Pamela Carolina Colenzio Maranhão and Karina Ananda Tittón
A13 – “I cannot eat, I am too afraid I am going to chock” – a case of chocking phobia
Maria Inês Lobo, Ana Amorim and Maria do Carmo Cruz
A16 – Experiences and adaptative strategies to COVID-19 pandemic in adults from Autonomous Region of Madeira
Dora Pereira, Isabel Fragoeiro, Maria João Rodrigues and Rita Silva
A18 – Metacognition in cancer: An opportunity to better understand cancer-related cognitive impairment, psychological distress and other psychosocial experiences?
Diana R. Pereira
A19 – Psychotic disorder resulting in detention in an undocumented migrants center: a case report
Catarina Cunha, Mafalda Corvacho and Gustavo França Santos
A21 – Hoarding disorder: where does genetics end and social learning begin? – an epistemological discussion based on two case reports
Gisela Simões and Rita Silva
A22 – From a psychedelic revelation to a psychotic mania, a bad trip: description of a clinical case
Daniel Filipe Prior Terêncio, Beatriz Lourenço, Maria Moreno and Inês Valada
A23 – Suicide in the time of COVID-19
Beatriz Sousa Leal
A24 – Cognitive behavioral group therapy for anxiety
Beatriz Freitas, Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos and Cátia Moreira
A25 – Somatization across cultures.
Beatriz Freitas, Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos and Cátia Moreira
A26 – May disturbances in sleep pattern contribute to psychiatric illness? A CBT and dCBT approach
Maria do Carmo Vasconcelos, Beatriz Freitas and João Oliveira