Swathi Prabhu

Swathi is a Group and Individual Psychotherapist. She found herself being a part of the community of mental health practitioners in response to her desire to understand what motivates people to make meaning of the world in the way that they do and why sometimes it is an “illness” and other times it is not. Over the last few years, she has become more aware of the influence of culture, class, caste, and privilege in her own life and wishes to carry this exploration into her work as a psychotherapist. Her involvement in psychotherapy began as an attempt to find a safe space to tolerate and explore the chaos that consumed hours in her head.

She has an MSc in Psychology. She was born in Kerala, raised in Goa, and realized what it means to create a home in Bangalore. She was a part of the community at Hank Nunn Institute, Bangalore, and worked with adults and adolescents who struggled with social, emotional, and relational difficulties (Personality Disorders/Difficulties, if you’d like a label). She is currently in the intermediate year of the Group Analytic Training at Group Analysis India (GAI). She is also pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology in Padua, Italy where she currently resides while trying to resuscitate her identity as a writer/poet.